Justice & Peace Ministries

We believe all people deserve justice, peace, and wholeness, and that God calls us to act on this belief. We seek at HUMC to make peace and justice visible and active in people’s lives and communities by educating the congregation and the community on justice and peace issues, providing resources for those who want to be in peace and justice ministries, and acting on issues as they arise.

For more information on the United Methodist Church’s understanding of peace and justice ministries, see our Social Principles.


Green Team

Part of our pursuit of peace is seeking right relationship with the Creation that God has graciously given to us.  Through the efforts of the team, we are seeking to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce [...]


Disability Task Force

The Task Force meets monthly to plan new ways to make our ministries truly available to all people. Part of their ministry includes workshops, movie nights, and trained 'buddies' to accompany special needs children in Sunday School. [...]